Born in 1955 in Seto, Aichi Prefecture in Japan, Takeuchi graduated from Aichi Kiln Training School in 1979. He started his own studio in 1982. Before becoming a pottery artist, he worked for a Japanese car company. On one occasion he had a chance to play pottery with his friends. Ever since then he fell in love with pottery and embarked on a journey of discovery and hard-working for 40 years. His principle of pottery is “Respect and be in awe of nature, for life is part of it. You will be rewarded with great works if you always keep up to your standards.”

Different from the general household potteries, Mr. Takeuchi’s works are more artistic and have more academic value.

In particular, the flowerware of different shapes, in addition to the practical functions, can be regarded as a highly decorative art. Those intertwined and intricate shapes are completely shaped, engraved and colored by hands. They are results of artistic ideas that are transformed to reality by fine craftsmanship and become his unique and iconic pottery art language.

On color selection, he added red, teal and blue colors that have very low intensity in saturation on the base of original colors of the clay itself. This adds a tinge of glow and elegance to the inherently gray body.

In the modeling process, curved surfaces and sharp corners are interlaced to create a round and sharp multi-shaped surface which resembles 3D generated aliens from the future. The dynamic forms is a stark contrast to reality. Interwined and connected, every angle presents a different new form and endows a sense of power.

In addition to the various artworks, Mr. Takeuchi condensed the essence of his artistic concept into household items which are also unique in superb craftsmanship and fabulous decoration. Whether be it tableware or tea set, not only it has a strong tradition Japanese style but also has a sense of the futurism because of his attempt to break the traditions.

Don’t use glaze and firing high-temparature ceramic makes The iron-ions in the ion-riched clay that gives more flavor to food and beverage. In the long-term use will faded coarse edge,Exudes calm and simple gesture.

1955年出生于日本爱知县濑户市,1979年毕业于爱知县窑业训练学校,1982 年建立自己的工作室,独立创作。在成为陶艺家之前,他曾是日本汽车公司的一名职员,因偶然机会与朋友一起玩陶,便爱上了陶艺,从此四十年如一日地刻苦钻研。他做陶的哲学是“生活来源于自然,需好好对待,心存敬畏,保持对自己的要求便会有好的作品回馈于你”。



1955 Born in Seto-shi, Aichi Prefecture
1979 Completion of ceramics vocational training school in Aichi prefecture / Studying under mr. kato ShunTei the second.
1982 Became Independent Ceramist and Opened Studio at Seto
1985 Nagaso Awards ceramic Art Exhibition Nagaso Award
1987 Certified as a member of the Japan Arts Crafts Association
1995 7 Ceramist ceramics exhibitions in Japan GALLERY DAI ICHI (New York)
1996 Participated in IAC (International Ceramics Academy) Japan Conference (Nagoya)
1997 Participated in NCECA (National Ceramic Education Conference) (Las Vegas)
1999 Withdraw from the Japan Crafts Council
2001 Open Production for Artist in Residence in Seto
2002 Workshop On the International Asia-Pacific Contemporary Ceramics Invitational Exhibition at Taipei Yingge Ceramics Museum
2005 World Ceramic Biennale Korea International Competition Special Prize
2005 Modern Ceramics That Future Exhibition At Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store
2011 Authors History of 20 Years AT Furukawa Museum of Art
2012 Invited to Asia Ceramic Symposium in Namwon City, Korea
2016 幽玄(Yugen) Contemporary Japanese Ceramics OFFICINE SAFFI (Italy · Milan)
Solo exhibition at NSW University Art & Design AD SPACE (Australia · Sydney)
Toki City Contemporary Tea Ceramic Exhibition TOKI Oribe Encouragement Prize
Azumino City Soba Inoguchi Art Competition 5th Memorial Prize
1955 出生于日本爱知县濑户市
1979 毕业于爱知县窑业职业训练学校(二代加藤春鼎老师)
1982 在濑户市建立自己的工作室
1985 长三奖陶艺展 长三奖
1987 获得日本艺术工艺会 会员资格
1996 参加IAC(国际陶艺学院)日本会议(名古屋)
1997 参加NCECA(美国陶艺教育会议)(拉斯维加斯)
1999 日本工艺委员会退会
2001 作为特邀作家参加驻地艺术家计划在濑户市公开制作
2002 国际亚太当代陶瓷邀请展研讨会(台北县立莺歌陶瓷博物)
2005 韩国世界陶瓷双年展国际比赛 特别奖
2005 松扳屋名古屋商店 现代陶瓷与未来展
2011 古川美术馆20年陶艺历史的作家作品展
2012 受邀参加韩国南原市的亚洲陶瓷研讨会
2016 幽玄(Yugen) 当代日本陶瓷OFFICINE SAFFI(意大利 米兰)
新南威尔士大学艺术与设计ADO SPACE个展(澳大利亚 悉尼)
土岐市 当代茶陶展TOKI ORIBE鼓励奖

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